Morphelo Memorandum Competition and WoT Championships

The objective of the Morphelo Championships, hold for the first time in October 2017, joining the two timer Memorandum Competition, is to offer the Hungarian World of Tanks fans a unique, recurrent, international quality competion.

The Memorandum competion, hold for the second time this year, pays tribute to the sportmanship of an tragically soon passed away, outstanding figure of the Wot gamer society in a way that the members of the society see each other not as enemies, but as condign opponents, sport peers.

2016s’ first Memorandum Competition, thanks to the intervention of Interdomino, was completed last year with a team competition – including large online and offline events. The Morphelo WoT Championships became the competion with the highest total prize pool of the Hungarian Wot history and it was also the first competion with live Twitch TV broadcasting.

The common, long term objective of the organizers is to activate and educate the Hungarian World of Tanks community, besides generating high quality content – through the organization of a championship, which may give the Hungarian talents the chance to open towards an international eSport carrier as well.