Digital content agency

Agency activities

The most important IT activities of InterDomino Vod Zrt, the streaming video based developments, are complemented by content aggregation and management services:
- digital content acquisition, data right management
- all inclusive settlement and reporting system
- content consultancy and programme redaction
- commercial services as content owner
Daily contact with MTVA (national film and media company in Hungary), and with other multinational companies such as Sony Pictures Entertainmnt, Fox International or Walt Disney Pictures.

Reference: Vodafone Red Mozi (REFERENCE PROJECT (CLIENT: Vodafone Magyarország Zrt.)

The elaboration, development and management of the complete technical base of the Red Mozi VoD service for Vodafone Red, as the top customers of Vodafone. The project, besides the IT related tasks, included the whole content management, such as the negotiation and acquisition of contents and their reporting and settlement. All of which required to handle more than 10 content owners. With Red Mozi we managed to launch a special service model, developed by InterDomino VOD Zrt. with the biggest Hungarian speaking SVoD offer. No similar model has been launched since by neither of the market players.

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